Grain export volume season 2016-2017 amounted to more than 19 mio. tonnes

Agricultural production is developing rapidly. It is explained by several factors: Government policy in the sphere of subsidies and financing,, sanctions from the West, etc.

According to the data of the Federal Customs Service of the RF by the end of 2016, grain export volume represented an increase of 2.1% in comparison with the same period last year. (19.01 and 19.43 mio. tonnes)

Grain export structure

According to the data of the Ministry of agriculture of RF, by the end of December, the country exported 14.9 mio. tonnes of wheat, 2.2 mio. tonnes of maize and 1.8 mio. tonnes of barley.

Grain export

According to “Rusagrotrans”, export volume of the second half of the current year totalled about 18 mio. tonnes.

According to the results of the previous year, 1/3 of all harvested grain is exported (32.2%)

Not only grain is exported. Soya, rice and other cereals are exported to APR countries.
It is worth pointing out, that the Ministry of agriculture assessed the yield of the last year to 119 mio. tonnes. It was a record breaking achievement.

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