1. OOO (Limited liability company) “Moloko Primoria”. The construction of modern stock breeding complex for 1800 animal units of cattle.
Region: Mihailovsky municipal district
Price: 3 200 000 000 roubles.

2. ОOO (Limited liability company) “Ground Development”. Development of green housing, creating breeding nursery.
Region: Ussuriisky urban district
Price: 3 500 000 000 roubles.
Project execution period: 2015-2017

3. ООО (Limited liability company) “Priozernoe”. The construction of units for stock breeding complex, implementation of modern equipment for live-stock handling and processing.
Price: 660 000 000 roubles.
Project execution period: 2015-2017

4. ООО (Limited liability company) “HAPK GreenAGRO”. The construction of 3 cattle stock breeding complexes for 1800 animal units each with total volume of milk production 32,4 th. tonnes.
Region: Hankaisky municipal district
Price: 5 100 000 000 roubles.
Project execution period: 2010-2017

5. The Republic of Sakha “Administration Khangalassky District Sakha (Yakutia). Department of Agriculture
“Greenhouse complex” Pokrovsky “Creation of the industrial greenhouse complex of 2.0 hectares, intended for year-round cultivation of vegetables and herbs for the sale of products in the central part of Yakutia

6. Amurskaya oblast “Amur Agro Holding” Seed produce plant. Production of high reproduction soya seeds, 10 th. Tons / year

7. Amurskaya oblast “SKHPK Greenhouse” Greenhouse complex (31540 square meter of growing greenhouse vegetables – 3082 tons / year)

8. Sakhalin Region. “Sakhalin Mercy Agro” Construction of pig complex for 12 000 heads .Creation of an effective mass production of high quality pork in the Sakhalin region with the capacity of 12 000 heads per year. 2014 – 2020 years

9. Magadan oblast: Agro Invest. Creating a greenhouse complex “Magadan” .State program of the Magadan region “agriculture magadankoy region” 2014-2020

10. Jewish Autonomous Region (investors) – LLC “Spring”,
An integrated agro-industrial project “Spring” for supply on the domestic market and for export of quality meat of pigs, cows and meat products; 2015 – 2020 years

11. The Republic of Buryatia. Regional Development Fund of the Republic of Buryatia Construction of poultry farm for the production of poultry meat and eggs
The project provides a complete production process with complete cycle to 200,000 laying hens (males) with the content in battery cages (or production of 125 million eggs and 5000 tons of meat in annual terms)

12. Sakhalin Region. “Sovkhoz Zarechnoye” Creating a modern complex on the cultivation, storage and processing of agricultural products Construction of the greenhouse complex area of 2 hectares and boiler. Construction of plant for processing of agricultural products with an automated line. 2011 – 2021 years


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