Priority Investment Projects of Siberia and the Far East

Ulyubino Poultry Factory

Investments - 3.5bn RUB
It is planned to launch the region’s 1st commercial production of ducks.
The initiator provides about 30% of fund, the rest is lending resources. To date, factory design is afoot. The construction will be launched soon. Projected investment payback period is 8 years.

Omsk bacon

Investments - 13bn RUB
Project implementation period - before 2020
Construction and reconstruction of a pork production complex with the output of 72k tonnes annually. It is intended to construct new high-tech pig-breeding facilities, thus increasing the production volumes by up to 72k tonnes of meat in live weight. The project will be executed in the Omsky municipal district of the Omsk region.

Ilkinsky Agropark

Investments - 5.1bn RUB
Project implementation period - 2016-2019
Construction of an agropark in the Zaigraevsky district (Buryatia).
This large-scale project includes a poultry factory (36.7 ha), dairy farm (13.5 ha), vegetable store house (9.8 ha), greenhouse (18.4 ha), etc.


Investments - 5 500m RUB
Project implementation period - 2017-2020
Soya deep processing.
Construction of a large high-tech facility for the production of soya oil, lecithin, isoflavones and protein complexes.

RosAgroMarket – Novosibirsk

Investments - 16.5m RUB
Project implementation period - 2016-2019
Construction of agri-food processing and distribution centre (Logistics centre) on the premises of commercial and logistics park.

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