Vladimir Rubakhin

Vladimir Rubakhin, chairman of the board of directors, Agrotek HoldingVladimir Rubakhin,

Chairman of the board of directors,

Agrotek Holding


«Agrotek» is a company of a holding type and includes about 20 enterprises. It produces more than 60 articles of sausage and delicacies and has its own distribution network in Magadan. The assortment line includes more than 100 products such as meat, vegetable and fish products. Wholesale distribution of the holding is realized through private warehouses and then, the products are delivered to the retail locations. The company is a distributor of Russian-made meat products, cheese, vegetables,cereals and other products. Approximately 15 thousand tonnes of products and 250 articles of sausage are manufactured every day. The company offers services for enterprises in the sphere of accounting, budget management and marketing. Retail network in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy”

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